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'Juliet and Romeo' review or 'Love. Story.'

'Juliet and Romeo' - Lost Dog
Battersea Arts Centre, 14th February 2018
Written for Time Out

If only they hadn’t asked Shakespeare over for tea. That’s where the problems started for Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare wildly embellished their story (for starters, the double suicide never happened), and our star-crossed lovers have been struggling to live up to the Bard’s legendary love story every since. Now the two are middle aged, disillusioned and in therapy – and we’ve been invited to watch. ‘Juliet and Romeo’ is about the lies we tell ourselves about love and is a beautiful and utterly involving show: insightful, funny and rich. It’s a Lost Dog production - co commissioned by the BAC, The Place and Warwick Arts Centre – and is a dance-led affair, devised and performed by Ben Duke and Solène Weinachter, who smoulder with equal parts lust and loathing. Just like Duke’s critically acclaimed ‘Paradise Lost’, ‘Juliet and Romeo’ is about bringing a myth – in this case the myth of ‘tru…

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