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'Disco Pigs' review or 'Did you say this pig was wild?'

Disco Pigs, Enda Walsh
18th July 2017
Written for Time Out

In 1997, ‘Disco Pigs’ – a swirling storm of a play about two angry and lonely teenagers in Cork – cemented playwright Enda Walsh’s status as a Very Big Deal. Here was a poet-playwright with hints of Beckett’s searching lyricism but a wild energy of his own. Director John Haidar has staged a surprisingly compassionate twentieth anniversary revival, but it’s a little bit too clean and controlled.
'Disco Pigs' is a two hander, and a hugely demanding one at that. The acting needs to be precise – or the flurry of words written in local dialect and idiosyncratic syntax will be lost. But there also needs to be a crazy mania burning beneath those speeches, as teenagers Runt (Evanna Lynch) and Pig (Colin Campbell) whirl around Cork looking for drink, discos, more drink – meaning – music, sex and shitloads of trouble.
Campbell has the air of a five year old trapped in a young man’s body: there’s an aching innocence about him that bur…

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