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'Frankie Vah' or 'Where's your sweat and tears?'

Frankie Vah, Luke Wright
Soho Theatre, 19th April 2018
Written for Time Out 

Shame. I actually feel shame after watching Luke Wright’s thunderously passionate one-man poem play. Set during Thatcher’s 80s, ‘Frankie Vah’ is about an idealistic young Essex lad, Labour supporter and performance poet who aches for his country, and is desperate for something better to believe in. Wright’s play burns with the fiery righteousness of youth and, although there’s real disillusionment in here, this is essentially a raging rally cry: CARE MORE!

There are lots of crossovers with Wright’s Fringe First winning play ‘What I Learned From Johnny Bevan.’ The story arc is familiar: a na├»ve teenager goes to university, falls hard for politics and poetry, and eventually finds his ardent beliefs are tested as he grows up, experiences more and discovers complications and compromise. The context has changed, though, and the dizzying emergence of New Labour has been replaced by the devastating resilience of Thatche…

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